Introducing ALP Closers School Live

Learn to be an ALP Closer from the man that has closed over 10 figures of Construction Contracts and millions more weekly through his ALP Mentees and Devotees.

You will learn everything from how to cultivate a lead, work a lead, pitch and present, close, rehash, negotiate and follow-up. ALP is a real world philosophy on how to turn strangers into customers. This class isn’t an academic exercise, it’s SEAL training for those that want to learn how to EXECUTE and CLOSE, not just talk about it.


Every Tuesday at 7PM Year Round.


Study and Training Materials including Art of the Sale 2.0, Negotiation Masterclass, Handling Objections, Word Tracks, and Closes will all be provided after purchase.

Take your income to levels never thought possible by knowing exact strategies and tactics that work. Remember, something either works or it doesn’t, it doesn’t take time. The car starts or it doesn’t.

This works. Believe me.

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